Our Brews

Yachats Brewing creates high-quality brews celebrating the unique beauty and culture of Yachats, Oregon. Since May 2016, we have been brewing on our new 7bbl brewhouse. Please join us at our tasting room in Yachats to try the latest rotating selections.

Bottled Beer

Saison with Szechuan Peppercorns
alc 6.5% by volume

The thoughtful addition of szechuan peppercorns, and our saison yeast blend, reveal a bright, floral, and citrus experience. Named after a widely diverse group of aquatic mammals, including whales and dolphins.

Salal Sour
Sour Ale with Salal Berries
alc 6.6% by volume

This mixed-culture saison highlights local, wildcrafted salal berries, used by the indigenous people of Cascadia for generations. Salal Sour reveals a bright, tart, and earthy flavor.

Oak Fermented Saison with Peaches
alc 9.5% by volume

This mixed culture saison features fresh Earlystar peaches from Mosier, Oregon. Peche is fermented in a large open wine barrel, then transferred onto the fruit and re-fermented for several months.

Year Round

Thor’s Well
India Pale Ale
alc 6.8% by volume
This IPA has a crisp malt build with an assertive piney bitterness and a strong floral finish.
Name: A unique intertidal sinkhole near Yachats

Pacific Wind
Rotating India Pale ale
alc 6.5-8.5% by volume
Our rotating series of IPA, because the pacific wind is ever-changing.
Name: The wind that is constantly changing direction

Perpetua Xtra
Pale Ale
alc 5.4% by volume
An American Pale Ale that has a clean bitterness and refreshing malt profile. cascade and golding hops provide beautiful citrus notes, followed by a lightly toasted character of Lamonita malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras, Oregon.
Name: Cape Perpetua is the highest point on the Oregon Coast, just south of Yachats

Coastal Dark Ale
alc 7.5% by volume
Our version of a Cascadian Dark Ale brewed with all whole leaf hops from the Pacific Northwest. Patagonia perla negra give it a black color and soft roast flavor.
Name: The long dark days of winter on the Oregon Coast

Marbled Murrelet
Dry Stout
alc 5% by volume
A slightly roasty and dry American Style Stout.
Name: A small local sea bird that nests in coastal old growth forests

804 Pils
5.9% ABV
A classic German Style Pilsner brewed with local Mecca Grade Estate Malt. This easy drinking Pilsner is the perfect compliment to a sunny day on the trail.

Name: The historic 804 Trail, connecting the upper Yachats River Valley to Waldport.

Saison with Szechuan Peppercorns
alc 6.5% by volume
The thoughtful addition of Szechuan peppercorns, and our saison yeast blend, reveal a bright, floral, and citrus
Name: A widely diverse group of aquatic mammals, including whales and dolphins

Rotating Sour
alc 3-4% by volume
These sour ales are 100% lactobacillus fermented. Visit our taproom to find out the latest rotating flavor.


Up River
alc 5.6% by volume
This classic German-style Kolsch is brewed with Weyermann pilsner malt. Up River is the perfect beer to float the river.
Name: The stretch down Yachats River Road
Season: Spring/Summer

Cone Picker
Imperial IPA
alc 9.5% by volume
An American Style Imperial IPA brewed with whole leaf nugget, centennial, and simcoe hops.
Name: Limb walking daredevils that harvest evergreen tree cones for seed
Season: Summer

alc 9% by volume
This enticing Belgian Tripel is brewed with pilsner malt and oats, creating a slightly sweet, malty, and smooth finish.
Name: The root-like structure of aquatic plants
Season: Summer

Cape Ranch
Hoppy Saison
alc 7% by volume
The use of whole leaf hops in this Hoppy Saison bring out a juicy, fruity and citrusy character.
Name: A road in Yachats
Season: Summer

Kraut Hammer
German Harvest Ale
6% ABV
This hybrid German Harvest Ale is malty with a mildly bitter and dry finish. Combined with the German kolsch yeast, this Harvest Ale will quench your thirst on the hottest summer days and buoy your spirit on the most brisk of nights.
Name: A cabbage stomper for fermented kraut
Season: Fall

Cranberry Sour
alc 3% by volume
This sour ale is 100% lactobacillus fermented. The sourness of the lacto and the sweetness of the cranberry make this beer perfectly tart on your palate.
Season: Fall
Award: 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards- Bronze

Heceta Lightkeeper
11.8% ABV
An American Barleywine full of rich toffee, toasted malts, and piney NW hops. This is a beer that can get the most seasoned Lightkeepers through a long stormy night.
Name: The historic Heceta Head Lighthouse and Station, located 13 miles south of Yachats at Heceta Head
Season: Winter

Devil’s Churn
Imperial Oatmeal Stout
alc 8.5% by volume
An Imperial Oatmeal Stout with coconut sugar that pours deep black with rich toasted chocolate and a dry finish.
Season: Winter
Award: 2017 NW Coffee Beer Invitational – 2nd Place


Surfing Saison
Hoppy Saison
alc 6% by volume
Brewed with our friends at Culmination Brewing in Portland, we used our house saison yeast and progressive hopping from Culmination’s hop stash.

Black-Footed Ferret
Imperial Black IPA
alc 10.5% by volume
Hoppy, Lightly Roasted, and Smooth, the seductive allure of the Ferret is futile to resist. We brewed this beer at Culmination Brewery with our friends from a Portland beer/growler shop called Tin Bucket.

Tears of the Innocent
Sour Wit
alc 4.5% by volume
This 100% Lacto fermentation Sour Wit was a collaboration with Flat Tail Brewing. It was brewed with bitter orange peel, chamomile, coriander, and white peppercorn.

Garden Beer
Saison w. Sage
alc 4.4% by volume
A thoughtful addition of sage and our Saison yeast reveal a bright and floral experience. Brewed with our friends from Beergarden in Eugene, this light easy drinking table beer is the perfect complement to a hot summer’s day working in the garden.

Plum Loyal
Saison w. Plum and Lavender
alc 5.2% by volume
This Plum and Lavender Saison was a collaboration with Loyal Legion in Portland. We added a hint of lavender at flame out to give it subtle lavender notes in the finish and nearly a pound per gallon of Oregon plums during fermentation.

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